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Somebody is spamming the articles Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza and Duke of Braganza with information about this Italian man, a pseudo-claimant of the Portuguese throne. Google gives 43 hits, either from his supporters or people making fun at him. Wikipedia is the only credible source for it. And we are not an advertising media for adventurers. I moved the text from Duarte's page to a new one and I request its deletion. Muriel 12:26, 4 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]

  • Hm. Doesn't seem relevant, but is he the only other claimant? IOW, is this Dom Duarte's claim tenuous. Do I really care? No. Delete. Alcarillo 14:50, 4 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
  • Delete - unverifiable? -- Cyrius|&#9998 15:41, May 4, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. It is impossible that he becomes king (it is possible that Portugal becomes again a Monarchy, there are many supporters and it is popular, so he's interrested). It would be more possible to the Brazilian Empire hair to be rather than him (a complete forogner), but even the Brazilian prince can not be, because he did not born in Portugal, like him, what is a condition to be king. In fact, there was held a referendum in Brazil, for that country to return to monarchy, but it lost, in Portugal that was not done, some years ago, a statistic data showed that 60% supported it. Only Duarte Pio and his son can be kings; and many question it, when the prince gets older, he's only 8 yrs old. He's being raized to be one. That italian said that the illigitimate daughter of king Carlos, passed the title to him (?!). Nobody in Portugal knowns this, he is not known, I've just read what he wrote. Pedro 16:17, 4 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
  • If anyone wants to know the facts on this, see [1], which exposes this as basically a fraud. Now, a notable fraud probably deserves an article - the so-called Prince Michael of Albany, for instance, who claims to be the Jacobite claimant (but is clearly not), would be worthy of an article. I'm not sure this guy qualifies. john 03:53, 5 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
  • Delete: not notable. Wile E. Heresiarch 20:17, 8 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]
  • keep.Maria Pia Saxe Coburg Bragança was the natural daughter of King Charles I of Portugal and for unquestionable will of her Father assumed all the honours,privileges and rights of the Infants of Portugal (this original document named”Documento Unico”is at disposition in parish of Alcalà in Madrid where Maria Pia was baptised according to the will of her Father. (See: www.theroyalhouseofportugal.org/html/framesetintro1.html).

So Maria Pia Bragança was the unique legitimate and constitutional representative of the Royal House of Portugal and with her powers of Head of Royal House she abrogated the article 100 of Monarchic Constitution in order to abdicate in favour of her italian blood relation Dom Rosario that became the XXII Duke of Bragança and so was possible to continue the legitimate line of Saxonia Coburg Bragança.(see the official Abdication documents : www.theroyalhouseofportugal.org/html/framesetintro1.html ) Instead Duarte Pio descends from colleteral miguelist line of the Orleans Bragança and he and all his discendents are perpetually excluded from succession of Portuguese Crown(article 98 of the Monarchic Constitution of 1838, never revoked in Monarchic period). Duarte Pio have supports and sympathies but he can’t be a pretender of Portuguese Crown because the Monarchic Constitution and the Portoguese History prohibit it. It’s important to note that Maria Pia’s personal lawyer for 25 years was Mr. Mario Soares who became prime minister after the fall of the fascist dictatorship in 1975 and after was the President of Portuguese Repubblic.(Mario Soares official letters are published in the web-site of Royal House of Portugal-Constitutional line). In last years Duarte Pio was asked from Portuguese TV and press to confront with Dom Rosario about the pretension of Portuguese Crown but Duarte Pio refused it. (http://www.theroyalhouseofportugal.org/html/press/diariopop_11ago88a.htm ) . Hardly a nod merits to remember how the claimed Pact of Paris (the will to recognise the legitimacy of the descendants of Dom Miguel which is supposed to be manifested by HM Dom Manuel before his death) is just a vulgar mystification, for which, in fact, nobody could cause any proper document, because of a simple fact that it does not exist. Regarding all defamations published in the web site www.chivalricorders.org/royalty/fantasy/portugal-false.htm there is a civil pending suit in Vicenza Court (Italy), against Stair Sainty, promoted by H.R.H. Dom Rosario of Bragança . The Duarte Pio pretension is based only on talk while Dom Rosario pretension is based on official documents that anyone can see in the web-site: www.theroyalhouseofportugal.org . I have added in the page “Duke of Bragança” because in a free encyclopaedia is not corrected to define Duke Bragança only Duarte Pio (that belongs to usurper miguelist line) but is corrected to add also Dom Rosario that belongs to constitutional line of the Royal House and for his monarchic followers is the legitimate XXII Duke of Bragança. No Portuguese repubblican Autorithy or monarchic Representative of another State can decide about legal and constitutional arguments regarding the claims of Portuguese Crown and less than ever symphaties and popularity that a person has can influence this.Also Stair Sainty in the forum of Google, newsgroup “rec.heraldry”, re:Maria Pia and her Successor(24-02-2004 12:55:04)affirms:”While I am unqualified admirer of Dom Duarte, in a recent correspondence with a high Portuguese government official on this very subject, I was assured that the Portuguese republic does not recognize any one individual as head of the Royal House of Braganza, nor any title or Order given byany such claimant. I would be very interested and grateful to see clear evidence to the contrary and to support the assertion that the Parliament has legalised the use of the styles of royal highness, etc, since I am presently being sued by Mr Poidimani, aka Duke of Braganza, for disputing his particular claims”.

Com. Manuel de Sousa

  • The above paragraph is written by the author of the article. I wrote a reply in this talk page if somebody is interested. MvHG 14:45, 11 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]